Toddler dies after being left inside hot vehicle for 2 hours

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"Detectives are investigating to try to determine exactly what happened that led the child being left inside a hot unlocked auto", Dani Moschella, spokesperson for Delray Beach police, said.

Police received an emergency call at 3:18 p.m. and officers responded to 5041 NW 5th Street in Rainberry Woods to investigate.

Khayden Saint Sauveur may have been trapped in the vehicle for hours outside his home before his family found him, Delray Beach police said.

A toddler in Florida died Saturday after he was trapped inside a hot vehicle parked outside a home, police said.

Khayden died one month shy of his second birthday, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Police performed CPR and the child was transported to Bethesda Memorial Hospital by Delray Beach Fire Rescue. "He doesn't have any time to live this life".

Family members are heartbroken.

Referring to Khayden's father, Carly said: "I'm scared for him", adding that he is "not feeling well at all".

This would have made the temperature inside the auto much higher, with the police estimating it at 65 degrees.

There was one adult in the home, Moschella said.

Police are investigating how the boy got into the vehicle.

A vehicle in the July heat can easily reach temperatures of up to 65C, police said.

Numerous neighbors had been talking about his death, he said.

"Was a very happy child", a neighbor said.

"He was always a jumpy little boy", he said.

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