Threatening Note Left At Sen. Heller's Office After Break

Threatening Note Left At Sen. Heller's Office After Break

That's because whoever broke into Heller's office apparently left a "threatening note" addressed to the senator.

The alarm was triggered by motion sensors and there was no forced entry to the building or Heller's office, spokesman Officer Larry Hadfield said by phone.

Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller confirmed Sunday that his Las Vegas office had been broken into over the weekend. Heller but was told they can not comment on ongoing investigations until further notice.

Neither the Las Vegas Police nor Heller's office would provide KLAS-TV with any comments regarding the supposed note or its contents. He has been the target of a far-right "astroturfing" campaign in which the Trump-aligned group America First Priorities spent $250,000 to place anti-Heller stories on social media. He has not yet voiced his support or opposition to the latest version of the bill, called the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

Conservative groups targeted Heller after he opposed the initial GOP health care bill and they are likely to come after him this time as well if he opposes the bill.

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