This Irish Mum Recreated Beyonce's Baby Photo And It's Hilarious

Beyoncé's releases first photo of twins

I had what she had, so why not? Sharon, her husband Peter and three older children Darragh, Hollie and Megan watched the picture appear on news sites around the world as the night wore on: "There wasn't a child in the house washed!"

Sharon Killaway, from Kilworth in Cork, posed with her five-month-old twins Zoe and Senan just hours after Beyonce took to Instagram to give the first glimpse of Sir Carter and Rumi. Recently, Ms Kellaway recreated Beyonce's picture which has received more than a thousand reactions and has been shared on Facebook nearly 500 times. I have the twins, the blanket and the veil, a few home-grown flowers in a the garden.

"They said to post it on Facebook so I did, expecting maybe 30 or 40 likes. I found her pregnancy photos elaborate!"

And Sharon revealed while they just took the snaps "for the craic" - they quickly started to gather worldwide attention. Mirror Online quoted Sharon saying, "I had a few spare minutes yesterday when I saw Beyoncé photo online".

With the world waiting on the edge of its collective seat, fabulously wealthy recording artist Beyonce - her net worth is estimated at $350 million, while husband Jay Z's net worth comes in around $810 million - made her extravagant debut back into the real world after giving birth to twins. "It's a far cry from the lovely reality of a real bond with twins", she said. We're not sure as to how many GRAMMYs Sharon has.

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