Runaway boat circles uncontrollably, hits docks and patrol boat in IN lake

Runaway boat circles uncontrollably, hits docks and patrol boat in IN lake

A high-speed boating accident on Lake Gage Saturday evening injured several of the boat's 10 occupants, Indiana Conservation Officers said.

Two people were flown to a nearby hospital with severe injuries including a fractured skull and a partial arm amputation.

Effinger was initially charged with boating while intoxicated causing injury and minor in possession of alcohol.

Multiple agencies - including IN conservation officers, the Steuben County Sheriff's Department and Parkview Samaritan helicopter - responded to Lake Gage about 7:15 p.m. Saturday on reports that several people were IN the water with serious injuries, the news release said.

The boat continued at a high rate of speed, unmanned around Lake Gage causing further serious bodily injury and property damage. Other people who were hurt were taken to a hospital in Angola with non-life threatening injuries.

Price said the unmanned boat circled in the water at approximately 30 miles per hour.

Alcohol was found to be a factor in the accident, conservation officers said in a news release.

A DNR officer threw a rope from his patrol boat to the motorboat in order to entangle the propeller.

That's when it slowed enough for IN conservation officer Jake Carlile to jump on board from a jet ski. Carlile managed to get hold of the boat and wrangled it, however, it stuck at a pier and rear-ended the conservation officer's patrol boat.

An investigation later revealed 20-year-old Dominique Effinger, the operator of the boat, was speeding and cut into a sharp turn, causing the boat's passengers to be ejected from the boat. Once the boat slowed down, Carlile was able to jump aboard and turn the boat's engine off.

The incident took place Saturday around 7:13 p.m. EDT, following which the officers received a 911 call to the spot.

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