Passengers get sick after strong odor on plane

Passengers get sick after strong odor on plane

The American Airlines plane landed at 4pm local time, and a subsequent investigation by airport officials determined that a passenger had "passed gas", reported the Charlotte Observer.

The airline says a foul odor was caused by a mechanical error.

While the crew thought it was somebody's gnarly farts, American Airlines officials gave a different reason for the "odor that had been described as flatulence".

In a freakish story which originally appeared on local WNCN-TV that has gone viral, passengers reportedly complained of nausea and headaches spurred by a foul-smell in the cabin of American flight 1927 from Charlotte to RDU.

And apparently one passenger's ass biscuits were so putrid on a flight yesterday that several crew members needed to be seen by paramedics after the plane landed.

WNCN reports that it all happened Sunday afternoon.

The representative for American Airlines could only confirm that an aircraft crew is now evaluating the plane. WBCN reports states that the RDU officials could not identify the flight nor its destination. The authorities, however, termed the decision as a "medical call" and refused to answer any further.

The airport later clarified that there had been a "medical issue" and that Wake County Emergency Medical Services had assumed responsibility of the situation.

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