On the roof of a house

On the roof of a house

Michael Arras, the St. Louis Fire Department's deputy chief of special operations, said it was like nothing he had ever encountered as a firefighter.

A St. Louis man came home from the gym to find a grey SUV sticking out from the roof of his home.

The very real, very destructive crash occurred in the Walnut Park West neighborhood of St. Louis on Sunday, severely damaging the home of 66-year-old Bruce Redding and seriously injuring the driver. A Facebook post published at around 4:30 p.m. on the department's page said one occupant was rescued and transported in critical condition by EMS.

The homeowner says a nearby intersection is risky and it's not the first time a vehicle has come barreling onto the property.

"I was shaking", Redding said about seeing the vehicle trapped on his roof.

Thankfully, Redding was nowhere near the scene of the crash.

Redding was at the gym when his friends called to tell him what had happened.

Redding said his house means everything to him.

Dramatic images have emerged of a auto stationed on the roof of a house after its driver lost control of the vehicle and was propelled into the air. "Something that you work for, something that you put a lot of work into, it can be gone in a second". He was told the SUV sped down Mimika Avenue to where that street ends in a T-intersection in front of his home.

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