Insomniac Games Unveils Marvel Powers United VR at D23 Expo

Insomniac Games Unveils Marvel Powers United VR at D23 Expo

Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, and a powerful roster of Marvel's greatest heroes are ready for battle. This co-op multiplayer title puts up to four players in control of their favorite Marvel heroes as they fight together to take out infamous Marvel villains, complete missions, and compete for high scores.

Marvel will be releasing a new VR game exclusively for the Oculus Rift called Marvel Powers United.

Marvel Powers United VR isn't coming out until 2018, but playable demos are scheduled for San Diego Comic Con next week at the Marvel booth. Check out a more detailed overview of the game's backstory and main features just below. We bring you the best practices of VR/AR in health care, education, entertainment and more in a weekly newsletter. Rocket Raccoon will have his trademark blasters and a scatter rifle, while Captain Marvel will have the power of flight, alongside photon beams and super strength.

Powers United VR is being made by Sanzaru Games Inc. who have previously worked on the Sly Cooper series as well as several VR titles including VR Sports Challenge and Ripcoil. Next week someone please ask if we get to play as him, will we have to crawl on our floors?

One of the coolest things I mentioned above, but really comes out in the trailer are the variable vantage points which make you feel more like each character.

The Oculus Rift will add another virtual reality experience to its growing catalog, this time with a superhero twist.

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