HTC U11 gains support for Amazon Alexa assistant

Sony brings Alexa support to some of its later model televisions

To get the HTC Alexa app, all you have to do is download it from the Google Play Store. On the HTC U11, Alexa works at her best and responds as soon as the user says "Alexa".

Without Spacial Perception, HTC Alexa gets in the way when you try to use your @home Echo. It has slowly traversed to smartphones and is now present in the Huawei Mate 9 and the HTC U11.

What's the difference with this app? With Alexa, you cannot access services such as Spotify or Pandora, like you can do on the Echo. The U11 is outfitted with a whopping four microphones, and after the hot-word pickup, the phone will detect where you are relative to the phone and use the microphone that is getting the clearest recording of your voice. I myself don't have a U11 to test it out, but we'll keep an eye on this and report back when we know it's working. If I have no lock, I can proceed uninhibited - also if I've already had the phone open and it's not yet locked, I can proceed uninhibited.

After this initial account of the incident came under scrutiny, the local police clarified their explanation by saying that someone in the house could be heard in the 911 recording yelling, "Alexa, call 911".

Can it replace my Echo?

It would be interesting to see how Alexa works on other devices.

HTC Alexas settings let you enable or disable the wake word, or enable/disable the wake word to work while the screen is turned off. This isn't like other third-party Alexa apps, mind you.

Before this update, HTC has tried hard to synchronize the device with the Alexa correctly. If you were looking for yet another reason to take a look at the latest and greatest HTC phone, you now have it: Alexa.

Sony brings Alexa support to some of its later model televisions

While this device's Alexa doesn't have the full Echo experience, it does have quite a few abilities.

The HTC U11 now supports Amazon Alexa.

It's nearly as if this app was not meant to be a replacement for any Amazon-made Echo or otherwise Alexa-packed device. This HTC move shows its still fighting to win.

Starting today (July 17), Alexa will be available on the HTC U11 via a free over-the-air update from HTC that rolls out later tonight. In addition, with Alexa in the mix, the U11 now has two voice control assistants and three virtual assistants (there's the Google Assistant that comes with every Android phone and HTC also adds it own assistant called Sense Companion) on this one phone. If you can't find a software-based personal assistant you like here, you're fresh out of luck.

If you have an Echo Dot from Amazon, we've told you on several occasions about a very cool accessory from Vaux that instantly transforms it into a portable Alexa speaker.

The Google Home will be offered as a single $199 unit, while the mesh Wi-Fi system will be available in as a single unit for $199 or 3-pack for $499.

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