Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Announced

How Dragon Ball FighterZ Could Come to the Nintendo Switch

What do you think of this Dragon Ball FighterZ update?

"Dragon Ball FighterZ" made a splash at EVO 2017, as beta registration was announced to start on July 26 and Trunks was revealed as a playable character. More information on when the closed beta begins is forthcoming. Head over to the following YouTube link (ready for embedding) to check out Trunks as he demolishes any and all enemies that dare challenge him in DRAGON BALL FighterZ. The Tekken 7 producer cited first-party policies and platform security issues between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as the prime reason for not adding cross-play in a multiplatform title.

Looking to get your Dragon Ball Z on next year with Dragon Ball FighterZ? Some early footage shown from the game's demo also suggests that Arc System Works focused on ensuring that each character's move set is both unique and true to their role in this world. The game was revealed just a few months ago at E3 2017, and since then we've only gotten bits and pieces of new info. Among them includes the fan-favorite Future Trunks. This means that players who are itching to get their hands on the next 2.5 D fighting game will have to wait a little bit longer. One such character will be Trunks, everyone's favourite time-travelling warrior. On top of that, Dragon Ball FighterZ will be supported on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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