Delray Beach toddler dies in hot auto

Delray Beach toddler dies in hot auto

Police are investigating how the boy got into the vehicle. The child was found unconscious inside of his father's BMW. Right now, police say it appears to be an accident. Authorities performed CPR and the little boy was transported to Bethesda Memorial Hosptial.

Khayden was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

At some point on Saturday, Khayden became trapped inside a BMW parked outside a home for up to two hours, reported the Sun Sentinel. Delray Beach police said Khayden was playing with other children and may have been trapped in the auto for hours before the family found him.

A police spokeswoman told the newspaper that it wasn't clear how the child got into the auto.

Temperature inside the auto reportedly soared to 65 degrees Celsius in the hot summer day.

A auto in the July heat can easily reach temperatures of up to 65C, police said.

Carly Saint Sauveur, the boy's uncle, told The Sun Sentinel the auto belonged to Khayden's father, Action Saint Sauveur, and that it was parked in the driveway with a dead battery.

The public information officer stressed the importance of parents and caregivers making sure vehicles are locked and the keys are inaccessible to children.

A Florida family is distraught after a one-year-old boy playing with friends died in a parked vehicle Saturday, July 15th. Several people stood outside talking quietly and mourning the loss of an innocent child.

"Was a very happy child", a neighbor said.

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