Default HTC 10 Keyboard App Begins Showing Ads To Users

Default HTC 10 Keyboard App Begins Showing Ads To Users

The blame appears to be on TouchPal, which looks to have accidentally pushed the wrong button and turned on banner ads.

So says a bunch of pissed off HTC customers over on Reddit, who have slammed the company for shoving adverts onto the top of the default TouchPal keyboard on some of its Android smartphones, including the HTC 10.

During the past few days, HTC users have been complaining that they are seeing ads on the company's in-built keyboard app. If you are still seeing the adverts on the default keyboard on the HTC 10, it is recommended to install Gboard.

TouchPal, or "that keyboard that comes pre-installed with some Android phones", has now started pushing ads on its free version.

As reported by thousands onReddit, the TouchPal keyboard has apparently received an update, which now enables ads without warning.

HTC's partnership with TouchPal provides the company's devices with a different version of the keyboard compared to what you might see if you download TouchPal from the Play Store.

In HTC's defence, the firm has been quick to respond to the complaints and seems as shocked by these adverts as its users.

In response to the complaints, the official HTC Twitter account is asking users to uninstall the new updates to the keyboard. And since they are the customer's first recourse, users will naturally blame them or come to them for solutions or both. However, the one place that you do not expect to ever see ads on is on your phone's default software. Unfortunately, not all users will be savvy enough to do this on their own.

Any HTC 10 owners experiencing this? Later, HTC confirmed the error saying the adverts were mistakenly included. Hopefully this is the first and last time such an unintentional misstep happens.

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