Conor McGregor Interested In Third Fight With Nate Diaz

Conor Mc Gregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr are set for an epic boxing match

Cash flow would improve after the McGregor bout.

On Aug. 26, McGregor and Mayweather will go head-to-head inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Truth be told, given the barrage of things that both men have said this week, this conversation seems nearly plausible!

"McGregor eschewed his sharp-tailored suits for a bare chest and white fur overcoat €" which he swept from his shoulders as he took the stage to offer a flexed-arm pose that inflamed the crowd.

Things didn't slow down in Toronto with Mayweather draping his shoulders in the Irish flag while bodyguards on both sides clashed in NY.

"I think that (McGregor) disrespected my daughter, disrespected the mother of my daughter, disrespected black women, calling black people monkeys, it's totally disrespectful", Mayweather said.

Mayweather, meanwhile, was all indifference until it was his turn to launch into his profanity-laced response.

McGregor also teased Mayweather over an unpaid tax bill. "I heard they tried Brandon Rios but he knocked out Conor, so they had to push him away".

"Did they not know I'm half-black?"

On his way to becoming the biggest star in the UFC, McGregor has cut a larger-than-life figure with his bravado and belittling of opponents. I don't have to watch your tapes.

That came after McGregor made fun of Mayweather during a shadow boxing display. There are a lot of UFC fighters that are undefeated, than can fight, but you don't have the gift of the gab, you don't have that certain personality, that same swag just like me. I run the octagon! He's like, 'I want Khabib, in Russia.' There's nothing like him.

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