Car Launches into Roof of St. Louis Home

Bill Greenblatt  UPI

When they arrived at the scene they found the SUV stuck on top of a roof.

The St. Louis Fire Department responded to an unusual call Sunday afternoon.

"I was shaking", explained Bruce Redding, who has lived in the home for 25 years.

A vehicle came crashing through the roof of a North St. Louis home, and the homeowner and neighbors said it's not the first time a auto has come barreling onto their property.

Michael Arras, the St. Louis Fire Department's deputy chief of special operations, said it was like nothing he had ever encountered as a firefighter and they had to plan accordingly for the unique rescue.

Investigators believe the SUV drove up onto the lawn before launching onto the roof of the house.

He is now in critical condition. He recently retired. Fortunately, he said, he had family and friends who would be able to look out for him. "I don't know if he had some type of a medical issue that he just lost consciousness and put his foot down on the gas, and it just went flying".

Firefighters had to use a ladder to reach the vehicle.

Fire officials believe the driver sped down a neighboring street and hit a utility pole and a stop sign before hitting the hill and sending his vehicle airborne. "I'll talk to my insurance people and we'll just take it one step at a time".

"Everybody up and down here has had their yards redone", Redding said. That's exactly what happened Sunday afternoon. He was told the SUV sped down Mimika Avenue to where that street ends in a T-intersection in front of his home.

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