Amazon reportedly prepping new messaging app called Anytime

Amazon reportedly prepping new messaging app called Anytime

So yes, that will nearly definitely mean more basic dog-eared AR seflies *eyeroll emoji*.

If everything goes well, the app could launch with significant features such as messaging, voice and video calls, and photo sharing. And it seems that the retail giant chose to go for a feature rich all-in-one app that can rival existing social networks. Some unique features are also mentioned, like making reservations and listening to music (presumably from Amazon's own streaming service) all within the app. Apple has also updated its iMessaging App. Snapchat is another top rated messaging app used by many users. Also, it wants to know what its clients would like so that it can offer them the best experience possible from a messaging app.

What do you think of this Amazon Anytime leak? It has also gained a lot of success in its Alexa-powered echo speakers. Further, the report claims that Amazon's messaging app will focus mostly on voice and video calls. Amazon has spent some time carrying out multiple surveys from customers to find out what more the company can bring.

With the ever increasing messaging apps, here's another name to add to the messaging app consortium.

Unlike popular messaging apps like Viber or Whatsapp, Anytime does not require your phone number to initiate a conversation.

Amazon has been surveying customers, asking them for their feedback on what they would like to see in a messaging app.

There's no shortage of messaging apps on the market, but it looks like another one may be coming soon from a major player. Currently, there is no information on when Amazon will officially announce "Anytime' or when it will be publicly available". That said, Amazon hasn't confirmed anything just yet, so we are still unsure on the company's exact plans.

Amazon is a company that is quickly becoming the biggest brand in the world. Earlier this year, it announced Chime, a video conferencing app for its business-minded users, created to rival with existing services such as Skype for Business or WebEx.

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