Woman destroys $200000 of art when her selfie goes wrong

CCTV footage shows tourists carefully perusing a room decorated with dozens of rectangular pillars at renowned artist Simon Birch's exhibit at The 14th Factory

The art installation was created by British-born, Hong Kong-based artist Simon Birch and popped up in April in an old warehouse on the city's Eastside, the Times reported. It's both cringeworthy and mesmerizing.

The incident happened two weeks ago, and Gloria Yu, one of the artists involved in the exhibition, had the following to say: "Three sculptures were permanently damaged and others to varying degrees". One piece, entitled "Hypercaine", featured short pedestals, some of them topped with crowns. She then falls onto one of them causing the rest to topple.

Surveillance video of the domino-like incident was posted Thursday to YouTube and led many to comment that it was a set up or stunt. The structure tips over and causes a chain reaction, knocking over an entire row of pedestals.

Fortunately, The 14th Factory has been a huge success.

And like most art galleries, the first and foremost rule is "don't touch anything".

Hyperallergic notes that on top of pedestals sat crown-like objects made of gold, silver, marble, wood, nylon, and scrap metal. Not only did she ruin this piece of art, but its damage is valued at a whopping $200,000. "So no complaints. Oh, and the crowns weren't insured - we couldn't afford it but we fixed a lot of them", he said.

The art installation was created by British artist Simon Birch, along with a crew of global collaborators, to create a Stanley Kubrick-inspired, Instagram-friendly atmosphere.

The Los Angeles Times called the exhibit "a series of wondrous, over-the-top sets for the ideal selfie", but we're guessing the gallery didn't anticipate its Instagram-perfect rooms having this effect.

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