West Nile virus hits Weld County

Source WGCL

The province's mosquito surveillance program found the season's first infected Culex tarsalis mosquitoes in adult mosquito traps set in both Altona and Winnipeg during the first week of July, according to a release from the province Friday. The data shows that West Nile virus carrying mosquitos are slowly moving west and north.

These are the first findings of EEE in Rhode Island this year.

There are no reports of people being infected, but the Health Unit says the virus is definitely in Simcoe County.

Lake County had one human case in 2016.

That includes removing anything around the house or yard that collects water, cleaning gutters and downspouts and repairing window screen holes.

Change the water in birdbaths at least two times a week, and rinse out birdbaths once a week.

Put insect netting over strollers and playpens.

Wear protective clothing, including long trousers, long-sleeved shirts and socks, in areas where mosquitoes are active.

The testing of species capable of transmitting the virus is just part of the campaign to identify the presence of West Nile. Citizens are also requested to check their property and remove any standing water such as bird baths, gutters and old tires. Do not use bug spray on babies under 1 year of age. Owners of ratites and camelids should consult with their veterinarian regarding vaccination of their particular animals.

"It's best to avoid getting mosquito bites", said Mark Wallace, executive director of the department, in the release.

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