Teenager arrested after five hurt in London acid attacks

Emergency crews respond to the string of acid attacks in London. SARAH COBBOLD via REUTERS

Two men on a moped carried out the attacks in Hackney, Stoke Newington and Islington area of the city in incidents the Metropolitan Police believe may be "linked". Police arrested the teenagers after five attacks left one victim with life-changing facial injuries.

Rudd announced the move in the aftermath of the latest acid attack to hit the streets in London, in which five men were attacked over a 70-minute period on Thursday.

Four additional attacks, all involving two teenage boys on a scooter, or moped, took place in rapid succession in neighborhoods nearby, with the assailants spraying acid in the faces of other scooter riders in an apparent attempt to steal their vehicles, police said.

Under a review, acid and other caustic substances will now be classed as risky weapons and police will be able to use stop-and-search powers to target people who carry them. The Met Police's figures show there were 261 acid attacks in 2015, rising to 458 previous year.

The first victim had the acid thrown into his face shortly before one of the suspects jumped onto his scooter and sped away.

She promised that work is being done to tackle the issue of access drugs and substances.

"It's already an offence to carry acid or a corrosive substance to cause harm", Prime Minister Theresa May's spokeswoman said.

Reports have shown the number of acid attacks in London has increased over the years, over 450 attacks being reports alone in 2016.

A 16-year-old boy has been charged with 15 offenses after five acid attacks in London. All the victims were attacked while riding mopeds.

Clark said "I'm aware of rumors circulating that the victims were all food delivery riders set up in advance of the attacks".

Another boy, 15, was arrested Friday but is out on bail until "a date in early August", police said. The attack left a 22-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man blind in one eye.

The victims were taken to hospital, with one of them suffering "life-changing injuries".

The teen is scheduled to appear before the Stratford Youth Court on Monday, Met Police said in a statement.

Politicians have called for new legislation to regulate the sale of cleaning products most commonly used as weapons, and appeals to manufacturers to change the formula of corrosive cleaning products to make them more viscous so they can't be easily flung or sprayed at victims.

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