RT America: White House voter commission doxxes Americans by revealing emails & addresses

RT America: White House voter commission doxxes Americans by revealing emails & addresses

It asked for a trove of personal information on each voter in the US.

Quite a few commenters politely urged the commission to withdraw its request for the data and offered suggestions for expanding voting rights and securing elections in the United States. TPM only published screengrabs from the documents that do not include identifying information. The emails were sent to the address that the administration asked Secretaries of State to send data files to.

Some commenters expressed serious concern with the commission's actions, including the worry that the commission's request to states for the last four digits of voters' social security numbers could open people up to bank fraud.

The Trump administration has unwittingly doxxed more than 100 voters by publishing their email addresses and personal details on the White House website. "And I'm a Republican!" wrote one voter whose name was published by the White House.

Many public comments submitted to federal agencies are released with commenters' names and other information. Regulations.gov, the federal government's clearing house for public comments, includes a detailed set of guidelines explaining how to submit comments, what type of personal information is collected, and how that information may be used.

Others were more colorful, and included messages like: "I hope you get just shit and nothing else", and more simply, "Fuck off".

"These are public comments, similar to individuals appearing before commission to make comments and providing name before making comments", Marc Lotter, press secretary to the vice president, told Vox on Friday.

Another 182 Colorado voters signed up to become "confidential voters", a designation that allows their information to be withheld.

The withdrawals began in earnest earlier this month, after a presidential advisory commission on election integrity requested publicly available voter information from all 50 states.

A spokesman for Vice President Mike Pence who previously responded to inquires about the voter commission did not immediately return a request for comment.

But lest the debate devolve immediately into partisan finger-pointing, note that Simon, a Democrat, was not the only state election official to be blunt in response to the commission's request.

The commission will meet on July 19 in D.C. The public may not attend except virtually, via livestream on the White House website, and therefore will not be able to comment.

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