Roberts cleared of doping offence after ingesting substance by kissing girlfriend

Girlfriend’s kiss and an Indian chemist almost land Olympic gold medallist Roberts in doping mess

Gil Roberts, who won Rio Olympic gold on the USA men's 4x400-meter relay, was cleared of doping after an arbitrator found he ingested a banned substance by kissing his girlfriend.

She continued to take the medicine after arriving in the USA, including on March 24, about three hours before Roberts' out-of-competition drug test.

A doctor serving as an expert witness for Roberts testified that his level of probenecid was much lower than it would have been had he taken an entire pill and was not enough to mask any drugs in his system. Roberts, was part of Team USA's winning 4×400-meter relay team at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, finished second in the 400, and will compete in August at the world championships in London.

Roberts' girlfriend, Alex Salazar, was taking the drug Moxylong for a sinus infection, ESPN reported. Salazar was unsure how many times they kissed between when she took the medicine and when Roberts was tested.

Roberts said that he ingested probenecid through "frequently and passionately" kissing his girlfriend days before his March drug test. The medicine, which contains probenecid, could have been in her mouth just before they kissed.

The situation sounds insane, but it's actually not the first time an athlete has failed a drug test because of kissing. "He had no idea that kissing his girlfriend could lead to his ingesting a prohibited substance", the independent arbitrator writes in a June 20 report released Friday, per the BBC.

Canadian pole vaulter Shawn Barber was also cleared after failing a doping test for cocaine when he proved he accidentally ingested trace amounts of the substance after kissing an escort he hired the night before.

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