Kamal Haasan Gets Notice For Revealing Actress Name

Kamal Haasan's ‘Sabash Naidu not shelved

"It is very arrogant to say that somebody else has said it so I will say it too", she told PTI, adding that the letter would be sent soon. It's our duty to see if you are safe.

"Cant name her? Name her after my mother or my daughter". He said, "We are not supporting [her] just because she is an actress".

In his second tweet, the actor then hinted about one woman, whom he didn't name, for perhaps launching campaign against him. He further said that you can call her as Draupadi as well if you want to call her. She doesn't need to and apparently doesn't even want to hide her name. "Don't refer to her as "a female", he asserted. This Bigg Boss issue is not a big deal for him.

The popular Malayalam actress, who has worked in Tamil and Telugu films, was abducted and allegedly molested inside her auto for two hours by the accused, who had forced their way into the vehicle on February 17 and later escaped in a busy area here.

The Hindu Makkal Katchi also complained that the contestants' portrayal in the reality show Bigg Boss would degrade Tamil culture.

"Societal values being harmed".

This is the prime reason why section 228A of the Indian Penal Code bans the disclosure of the identity of victims of certain offences, including sexual assault, barring specified circumstances.

The HMK protestors while protesting near Hassan's residence on Friday demanded "A" (Adult) certification like films for television programmes such as Tamil version of Bigg Boss to protect the interests of the general public, children and students.

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