Germany Confirms 2 of Its Nationals Stabbed to Death in Egypt

Germany Confirms 2 of Its Nationals Stabbed to Death in Egypt

The assailant, Egypt said, was a 28-year-old university graduate from the Nile Delta.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility but it carried the hallmarks of the Hasm group, which the government links to the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group, from which the ousted president hails. "He has a good reputation in his village".

The police are investigating the motive of the killings and have said that the man swam from a nearby public beach. The four wounded tourists-whose nationalities have not been provided-were taken to a local hospital.

"We now have the sad certainty that two German women were killed in the attack in Hurghada", a German Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told the newswire.

One of the wounded women is Czech and two are Armenian.

The statement said that the man was being questioned and that the ministry has beefed up security in the area to ensure the safety of tourists.

"I am very upset by this cowardly crime, my condolences to the families of the victims", German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said.

Hurghada is a popular Egyptian holiday resort.

"Most of the Western countries have already issued a travel warning for Egypt", Ahmed said, "at least Germany - unlike Russian Federation and the United Kingdom - is not banning flights entirely".

Islamist militants have in recent years targeted foreign holidaymakers. Egyptian tourist police and military forces eventually stopped the attackers, who were either killed or committed suicide. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to talk to the media.

Egypt has been hoping that investments in airport security and the cheaper Egyptian pound will bring tourist visits to its beaches and ancient sites back up to levels seen before its 2011 uprising.

Hundreds of police and army personnel were killed since then.

The assault came just hours after a shooting near some of Egypt's most famous pyramids outside of Cairo killed five policemen.

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