Game Of Thrones Season 7: 12 Most Anticipated Moments

Dragonstone Castle Map

If you've got Sky and you're planning to watch it at the same time as America, then you'll have to stay up into the early hours in the morning by tuning into Sky Atlantic at 2am on Monday 17 July.

Last season's Game of Thrones finale opened with a major restructuring of the landscape in Westeros' capital city.

Emmy-winning Game of Thrones debuted the first episode of the seventh season at a lavish premiere in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday (local time) at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which was lit up with projections of dragons, fire and ice for the occasion. HBO has planned massive simulcast for the show. On the other hand, Firefox users can try ProCon Latte Content Filter extension that will block all the post appearing in your browser with keywords related to Game of Thrones.

Who will be the one to take the throne? In short, the filmmakers needed to wait for real snow to fall while shooting on location. Either way, winter is still coming. You have to pay about $3.99 per episode of Game of Thrones you would like to watch, or you can buy the full season you want to watch via Amazon Video. By season six, the show had an average of 7.72 million viewers per episode - over three times its season one viewership.

Game of Thrones

What are the plot details?

When Season 6 ended, Jon Snow and Sansa reclaimed Winterfell from the Boltons and the Northern Houses hailed Jon as the new King in the North. There's the Lannister family including Jaime, Tyrion and the evil queen Cersei.

The White Walkers are some of Thrones' creepiest monsters - but they also help tell a really interesting metaphor about climate change. You can also expect Jon and Daenerys to finally meet face to face. The app is available on a wide variety of platforms, from iOS to Android to Roku to Verizon, so no matter which device you decide to use, you should be able to watch the first few episodes. HBO has refused to confirm if the leaks are genuine, but the details are very credible.

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