Facebook testing GIF creator as camera option in iOS app

How do you do, fellow kids: Facebook now lets you create wacky GIFs, because of course

Users can put the GIFs on Facebook Stories or on their timeline.

In case you're not seeing the GIF option in the camera app, either patiently wait for it to hit your device or. don't - we were better off without it either way. On the top you'll see two options: Normal and GIF.

GIFs created through this feature are short, and only last a few seconds.

It's now under test, The Next Web reports, and rolling out to just a few users via the iOS app. GIFs are much smaller files than videos, much faster to upload and work well with minimal connectivity. The social media giant is leaving no stone unturned to make its camera popular and get more number of people on Messenger.

Users can access the Facebook GIF maker by first bringing up the Facebook Camera, which can be done by swiping left while on the app's News Feed. Facebook has cashed in on this, by creating the ability to post GIFs in comments and on timelines. If you want to download it, the app will automatically convert it back to video. Now, Facebook has started accepting News Feeds with "richer" media.

Facebook is focussing on its in-app camera these days.

The Era of GIFs is about to explode, it seems.

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