Dissident Liu Xiaobo cremated, China claims his wife is now free

Dissident Liu Xiaobo cremated, China claims his wife is now free

Liu died from multiple organ failure following a battle with liver cancer while serving an 11-year sentence for incitement to subvert state power.

Liu Yunpeng, Liu Xiaobo's attending doctor, said at a Thursday press conference that the hospital did all it could to treat the patient, including 25 joint consultations from the hospital, five joint consultations involving China's leading experts, and one that involved worldwide experts. He has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 for "human rights" activities in China. They lauded him as a "great icon" and "people's hero", and called for Liu Xia's freedom.

But close friend and fellow dissident Hu Jia said the motivation behind the sea burial was so that there was "nothing to remember him by on Chinese soil" and so that supporters could not create a shrine to pay tribute to him. His works compelled me to question my assumptions and unlearn numerous false narratives that I took for granted about Chinese culture and history.

During the past couple of weeks, Liu Xia had been at the hospital as her husband's health deteriorated.

The moral maturity and dignity of his work also made me more aware of how we ought to live and act in everyday life, of the importance of listening to our conscience and rejecting lies.

The president spoke at a press conference with President Macron of France, just hours after Liu Xiaobo had died.

The government also said the couple's friends attended the ceremony, a claim that was disputed by people who have always been close to Liu.

Liu Xiaobo in 2008. Will Americans who go to China on cultural exchanges speak up against a government that suppresses artists, writers and thinkers, like Liu Xiaobo, who create culture?

Zhang did not say where Liu Xia now was.

A black banner strung on the wall read "Mr. Liu Xiaobo's funeral" in white Chinese characters.

The spectacle of Liu's last days are testament to the cruelty of the Chinese regime.

"No matter what was the motive behind Liu's behaviour, he was actually a disruptive player to China's development theme during the country's reform and opening-up and a destructive element in China's rise", the Global Times said.

The world has lost a precious mind, but we can still ensure through our words and actions that his "enduring spirit of freedom" won't die with him.

Now more than ever, the worldwide community must shout their indignation against the Orwellian brutality of Xi Jinping's government. "Because everything they have done for our family shows a high level of humanity and personal care to us". China's repression of pro-democracy activism has only gotten more trenchant as it has risen to become a world superpower.

Hermann Aubié is a Lecturer in Sociology and Policy at Aston University.

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