Bail refused for actor Dileep - sent to custody till July 25

Bail refused for actor Dileep - sent to custody till July 25

The court rejected Dileep's bail petition despite the police not seeking an extension of custody. Special Prosecutor A Sureshan has said the prosecution has nothing to hide. The prosecution argued that the actor might erase the evidence if he gets bail. The actor also did not respond to the questions by the media. Dileep is accused of hiring goons on "quotation" basis to assault the actress over alleged personal rivalry. The court asked the prosecution to prepare an inventory of the cellphones. The court went with the prosecution which opposed bail pointing out an ongoing campaign in support of the actor on social media. Dileep is now likely to approach the Kerala High Court for bail. He was also sent to 14-day judicial custody. "He was arrested by police after he filed a police complaint in which he accused 'Pulsar" Suni of blackmailing him.

The police stumbled upon the conspiracy angle last week, when Dileep's name surfaced in a jail inmate's letter, who shared the cell with Sunil.

This move came even as police claimed that the phone used by the prime accused to take a video of assault of the actress reached Dileep through a?lawyer allegedly connected with "Pulsar" Suni. Since two of his phones had been seized by the police, they wanted him to handover passwords so they could inspect the phones in his presence.

Police had taken the 48-year-old actor, arrested on July 10, to various places in Kochi, Thrissur and Thodupuzha to carry out their investigation.

The actor, however, can challenge the court's order in the same court or higher courts including the Kerela High Court.

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