Are Tom Holland and Zendaya dating? Here's what they have said

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya dating? Here's what they have said

This list will contain Spoilers.

"W$3 hy is this movie still centered around the same old white people we've seen a million times?" she asks.

The comedian and Ratatouille and BoJack Horseman voice actor will be providing the voice of Uncle Ben on Marvel's Spider-Man, which premieres August 19 on Disney XD. Years later, Andrew Garfield would pick up the web shooters in "The Amazing Spider-Man", where he fell in love with his co-star, Emma Stone.

But let's save that for next week, for this week I'm really in the mood to write about a superhero franchise reboot that I don't think many of us had high hopes for - Spider-Man: Homecoming. The final arc of the series featured Spider-Man searching for Mary Jane Watson after she disappeared into a dimensional portal due to the Green Goblin. Maguire brought the character to life in a way that seemingly could not be duplicated, although the 2012 and 2014 films desperately tried. There's all the wit a Spidey film demands while also presenting a more realistic Peter Parker than any of the previous attempts.

Meanwhile, Holland and Zendaya have spoken highly of each other during their separate interviews. Quesada then said that voice acting was the most "daunting" thing he's done thus far in his professional career.

The entirety of "Homecoming" dares to be different. Admittedly, majority just thought he was insane.

In the latest Spider-Man movie, Tom Holland plays Peter Parker in his high school days. It's a film that showcases Peter Parker in a young and ambitious role within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Likewise, instead of relying on previous adaptations, which primarily maintained numerous same characters, "Homecoming" introduces some of the more obscure characters from the comics, many of whom previously did not appear in live action films. The only difference with Homecoming's Peter is that the stakes feel so much more real.

The film does, however, suffer from its unsurprisingly large amount of cameos. Also, Tony Stark made frequent appearances in Spider-Man: Homecoming as well, which is different from the previous movies. It's fair to say at this point that Sony's decision to partner up with Marvel Studios has been a massive success for both companies. "The current Spider-Man in the Marvel comics is Miles Morales, an Afro-Latinx kid".

The TV star, 20, and the import, 21, have been spotted together very often in the past year but it was always explained they were either shooting Spider-Man or promoting it.

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