Kim Kardashian Defends Dressing Daughter North In Faux Corset

Kim kardashian house

After the supposed traces of cocaine, this is the (fake) corset, with her daughter, who is a scandal.

Kim and her husband, rapper Kanye West, 40, have two kids - North and an 18-month-old son called Saint. "This dress, that I did not design-I actually bought-is not a corset".

The reality star pointed out the dress, which North also wore to an Ariana Grande concert in March, was simply made to look like a corset.

"This dress I didn't design, but I actually bought is not a corset", she began. "It's just not my lifestyle - I've never been like that", she said. Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to explain that the dress merely resembles a corset, but isn't one.

Proof that North is the one really grooving on the faux corset outfit, not Kim?

Unfortunately, despite Kardashian's proof that the corset is fake, many are still concerned about the fashion choices she's making for her daughter.

"I would never put my daughter in a corset!" After Hill joshes her for that comment, she urges her to try the product, saying, "It will make you look so glowy for the entire day". While in her hotel room, Kardashian had taken a video of herself standing in front of a marble table.

Or it could be that people are just more interested in Kardashian, who has been entertaining millions of Americans on Keeping Up With the Kardashians since 2007, opposed to the spectacle that is US politics right now.

On Tuesday, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of one of Kardashian's Snapchat posts, which showed a table in the background covered in suspicious-looking powder.

"Beautiful baby. Just raise her. Corsette for kids, sad/body imaging" another said. Just last month, for instance, the 36-year-old was mommy-shamed for putting her 18-month-old son Saint in a forward-facing vehicle seat. "We did go to Dylan's Candy Shop".

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