Trade Deadline Moved Before All-Star Game For 2017-18 Season

The NBA has altered rules regarding timeouts free throws and halftime in an effort to improve the flow of games

Commissioner Adam Silver acknowledged in January that the league was looking into speeding up the game because of younger fans who "have increasingly short attention spans". Silver spoke at a press conference during the July Board of Governors meeting and pointed to the Houston Rockets, the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers as franchises that have moved to city centers.

These rules were recommended unanimously by the NBA's Competition Committee before being voted on by the Board of Governors.

Starting in the 2017-18 season, the National Basketball Association will cut down on the total number of timeouts a team can take from 18 to 14.

The league's Board of Governors unanimously approved recommendations by the National Basketball Association competition committee to reduce the number of timeouts, standardize the length of the halftime intermission and limit the wanderings of free-throw shooters.

The NBA trade deadline normally follows the All-Star festivities, but The Vertical's Shams Charania reported Wednesday that the deadline will be moved ahead of the NBA All-Star Game, and will go into effect during the upcoming 2017-18 campaign.

The goal, especially late in games, is that the flow of the game continues on a quick pace. This change was a long time coming and makes a ton of sense.

Referees will also assess delay-of-game penalties for free-throw shooters who wander past the three-point line during their attempts, and halftime will be a strictly-enforced 15-minute break, effective immediately after the second quarter ends.

The league's trade deadline had been the Thursday after the all-star break. Some of them involve three- and four-team deals. Under the old system the deadline would have been February 22, when teams are getting ready to resume their seasons after the break. This will be a big change as teams now have to set their roster before entering the NBA All-Star break, which makes it more convenient for the NBA players to have some peace of mind when they enter the All-Star break. We're pretty happy with the length of the game. In the two years since that study, Silver said, only one team with a top-16 record - the 2016 Chicago Bulls - did not secure a playoff berth.

The trade deadline also will come more quickly.

Silver said the move was made to allow the traded player and his family time to get readjusted to the new team during the four- to five-day all-star break.

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