Nutt Sues Ole Miss For Alleged False Statements

Nutt Sues Ole Miss For Alleged False Statements

The defense is more sound than a year ago and Ole Miss and the Rebels find a way to win enough games to become bowl eligible.

Of course, nobody wanted to hear about in-game strategy.

Specifics are given in which Freeze called reporters and spoke on the condition of anonimity to claim Nutt's staff was largely blame for the NCAA violations.

Nutt's name does not appear in either Notice of Allegations. Freeze, predictably, dodged the question when a few questions were finally asked.

The lawsuit says that it "is common knowledge among sports journalists that Coach Freeze does not take kindly to criticism".

"Unfortunately it's a legal case and I can't comment".

Same goes for the ongoing NCAA investigation.

Let's take a sampling of responses to the current Ole Miss soap opera.

Freeze: "Disappointed in the time that it came out for sure". In it, Freeze said he "wanted to vomit" when he found out about a staffer's violations. "But when you do something wrong, you own it". Freeze was clearly agitated, and it showed in his answers.

It's clear a firm resolution is needed.

During his news conference on Thursday at the Hyatt Regency, Freeze said he would "absolutely love to share my opinion on it". "The length of it, we can set here and debate all of that". "We've got to be responsible for the areas in which we were deficient in ... that we didn't either react or act properly ... whether it was staff or whether it was boosters". "So we have to own that".

Wednesday was a chance for Ole Miss football fans to get a good laugh. From 2013-15, the Rebels produced a 27-12 record and a Sugar Bowl victory.

"Adversity tends to crumble people or brings guys together", said quarterback Shea Patterson. Basically, it's all Ole Miss administrations fault he is unemployable.

Nine of them allegedly happened under Freeze's watch. It makes you wonder what the topic of conversation will be next year, or if Freeze will be back in Hoover leading that conversation. Specifically, he said, social media has been a disruption for his children.

"This is the fifth year in a row I've been here and I can't talk about our players", Freeze said, wanting to turn the focus away from off-field issues.

Nutt now works as a television analyst for college football. Successful or not, it adds more burden on Ole Miss to defend and deflect.

Freeze has long claimed to accept responsibility for his program's transgressions while deflecting the finer points of allegations.

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