Amazon might partner with Dish to enter U.S. wireless market

Dish Amazon chiefs discuss wireless partnership- Wall Street Journal

Dish Network Corp. and Inc. are reportedly in talks to make some sort of wireless deal. Verizon had been eyeing Dish for years, but didn't bid on their spectrum in an auction this March because they might not need it.

Dish has been buying up spectrum, or radio frequencies that carry the data flowing through devices, making it a potential acquisition target for US wireless carriers such as Verizon Communications Inc, according to industry analysts. Another idea is that Amazon, as a founding partner of Dish's new wireless network, could offer an option for Prime members to pay a little more a month for a connectivity or phone plan, one of the people said.

Dish has tried for years to establish partnerships with wireless providers like Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile - so far, to no avail.

Amazon also recently announced its plans to buy the upscale grocery chain Whole Foods.

The Wall Street Journal analysts suggest that Amazon outright acquiring Dish would be unlikely.

Indeed, the discussion around a potential partnership is in its nascent stage (and it may never happen), but it could be beneficial for both companies: Amazon has been increasingly branching out to mobile electronics, and Dish has, for some time now, expressed interest in building a wireless network.

E-commerce, cloud and media tycoon Bezos is fixated on drone delivery, streaming video, artificial intelligence and other applications that would benefit from 5g wireless networks, the next advance in wireless technology.

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