Complete Dash Cam Footage Of Philando Castile's Shooting — JUST RELEASED

This was one of the pieces of evidence used in the trial. He was sacked by the St. Anthony police department shortly after being found not guilty. Protesters gathered at Silver Lake Village Shopping Center during a demonstration, Sunday, June 18, 2017, in St. Anthony, Minn.

Monday was the fourth consecutive day that protests took place against the acquittal of Yanez.

In an interview after the fatal traffic stop, Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez said that Castile's apparent willingness to use cannabis in front of his young daughter and girlfriend made Yanez think the 32-year-old was unsafe.

"It is unfortunate I put my life and my daughter's life in jeopardy - something so dramatic, only for the verdict to be told not guilty", said Diamond Reynolds, Castile's girlfriend. As more police and an ambulance arrived, Yanez could be heard breathing heavily and swearing and trying to explain his actions to fellow officers.

The shooting death of Philando Castile happened last July during a traffic stop. The video was released Tuesday when the case file was closed and made available to the public. Yanez replied saying, "OK. Don't pull it out", Yanez told Castile.

Officer Yanez again yells, "Don't pull it out!". Castile had a permit to carry a gun.

Steven Belton is president and CEO of Minneapolis Urban League. Her video, in which she pleads for help as Castile's blood-spattered body lay slumped and unmoving, would later be seen by millions. She says it was obvious to her from the video that Castile was complying.

He said it shows an officer shaken to the core, unable to move, and struggling to even holster his gun, which Blake said indicates total fear.

Bekuh Sibet is a 29-year-old waitress.

Officer Yanez pulled Castile over because he reportedly matched the description of a burglary suspect. He says the video is "powerfully painful". It was a summer evening when Yanez approached Castile's white 1997 Oldsmobile before leaning in to speak through the driver's window. Then he fires seven shots, fatally wounding Mr. Castile. While we will never know exactly what Officer Yanez was thinking or saw during these fateful few seconds, you may now judge for yourself as to whether he may have overreacted or not. Her daughter, who was sitting in the backseat, gets out of the vehicle and walks towards the other officer on the scene. You can hear her recapping her version of the events, presumably for an audience online. "He was just staring straight ahead and I was gettin' fuckin' nervous and then I told him..."

"Um but I, made sure that I directed my firearm down and as best as I could and let off rounds and as the rounds were going off I thought he was still moving for his gun and, (sigh) I it just seemed like he was pulling out the gun and the barrel just kept coming". "You all right? You're not hit any, are you?"

The back door of the auto then opens and Reynolds' small daughter rushes from the vehicle and into the arms of another police officer. Yanez is then heard asking for insurance and identification.

But the video, played for the jury during Mr Yanez's trial, did not show what was happening inside the vehicle and what Mr Castile was reaching for just before he was shot.

A jury on Friday cleared Yanez of all three charges he faced, including manslaughter.

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