Trump pushes 'energy week' and goal of exporting resources

White House to Focus on Energy This Week

"President Trump affirmed that the United States continues to remove barriers to energy development and investment in the United States and to usa energy exports so that more natural gas, clean coal, and renewable resources and technologies are available to fuel India's economic growth and inclusive development", President Donald Trump said in after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, some were left wondering what "dominance" would look like.

Perry responded that he has said he doesn't believe carbon dioxide is "the main dial" controlling climate change.

As Bloomberg reported: "The fact that we're no longer in the age of energy scarcity - that we're in the age of energy abundance - positions the United States in a totally different place", said Dave Banks, a special assistant to the president for global energy.

"One of the things we want to do at DOE is to make nuclear energy cool again, from the standpoint of - if you remember when we were kids - well, sorry, you're nowhere near my age - but when I was younger in the '60s and a lot of kids wanted to go into the nuclear energy field", he said Tuesday.

About the Paris climate deal, he said: "Are we going to sign an agreement that really doesn't call anybody to make any changes?"

"Previous leaders have said they were for American energy independence", he said.

Perry began his remarks with a pro-nuclear energy spiel. The former governor of Texas faced two women who separately shouted questions at him. But he thanked one of the women, saying it's "OK to ask questions, to be skeptical about information".

Perry said the 'other side, the people who say the science is settled, it's done, ' want to say 'if you don't believe that you're a skeptic, a Luddite'.

Honorable, however, had a very different take on the threat renewables pose to reliability when she spoke at the conference just after Perry.

As governor, Texas led the nation in job creation and became home to a highly industrialized sector, he said.

"They recognized us as a (nation) back in the 1830s, so we actually have a close personal relationship with the French", he said.

"Can we agree we ought to have a conversation as a people?" the Republican cabinet secretary asked. "Our plan is to use America's abundant resources to ensure grid reliability and economic security".

President Donald Trump wants the United States to use its energy as a geopolitical tool for influence and leadership, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said, The Hill reported.

Perry then finished his thought on the safety of nuclear power, noting that the French rely on emission-free nuclear energy for the majority of their energy needs. It also cites the growing roster of opponents of the study's perceived bias, including U.S. Sen.

Asked whether intermittent renewable energy impairs grid stability, Honorable did say that renewables have distinct traits that require planning and accommodation.

Ladislaw said many people would consider exports of oil and refined products as a key area.

At the same time, he said climate science requires more debate. "I tend to say, okay, let's have a conversation and get these guys together".

"We're trying to absorb and digest" what dominance is, she said.

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