People not doing their 'homework' on Medicaid

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She was defending the Senate's proposed health care bill, which would make big cuts to Medicaid, by lowering the income limit for those who qualify, among other measures.

"If you are now in Medicaid, if you became a Medicaid recipient through the Obamacare expansion, you are grandfathered in", Conway said. We're not talking about the elderly who benefit, the children, the pregnant women, the disabled.

"If they're able-bodied, and they want to work, then they'll have employer-sponsored benefits like you and I do", Conway said.

Despite a projected $800 billion in cuts to the joint state and federal program - which Conway characterized not as cuts but as "getting Medicaid back to where it was" - current enrollees would not be affected, she said. "I would have liked to see the Democrats step up to the table and negotiate with us now, not wait till this bill is either passed or defeated".

DIANE ROWLAND: Well, we know that numerous people on Medicaid are already working, numerous adults who are able to go out and get a job, if they can. When the ACA passed, the law encouraged states to expand the pool of eligibility for Medicaid by having the federal government cover 100 percent of the costs for those added to the program under Obamacare. However, last month Trump and the GOP were able to pass the bill through the House and onto the Senate, where it now awaits further debate and a vote.

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway pushed back Monday morning against allegations that she lied when she said the Senate health care bill didn't include Medicaid cuts.

For the Senate bill, the CBO estimated that total Medicaid spending would be about $770 billion less. Medicaid over time would be unsustainable and unaffordable.

It is an effort to answer that question: How is it that Republicans, including Conway, are claiming that a reduction in federal spending on Medicaid is not a cut to Medicaid?

Last year, she continued, 20 million people opted out of Obamacare, and 6.5 million preferred to pay $3 billion in taxes to the IRS. "Millions of others who were left out of the process".

But this time her distortion was immediately debunked and denied, not just by the press, but also by a prominent member of her own party. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who has blamed President Donald Trump of undermining health insurance and Obamacare.

"He has served with 30 years with distinction on the court", said Conway.

Conway said, "If you became a Medicaid recipient through the Obamacare expansion, you are grandfathered in".

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