LA City Council oks plans for George Lucas museum

LA City Council oks plans for George Lucas museum

Concept design rendering of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles.

It was a long road to the City of Angels for Lucas.

The Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art will showcase works with storytelling elements, including paintings, illustrations and movie memorabilia. "Star Wars was done on a lark to tell adolescents, 12 year olds, to think outside of the box ... don't trust anyone over 30".

At the council meeting, Lucas talked extensively about his vision for the museum, and of the importance of the visual arts, including filmmaking, in shaping history, perception and myth. "I think it's going to be a clear slam dunk".

Lucas also recalled his days as a student at USC, which is just next door to his planned museum.

Hobson said she was heartbroken that they couldn't get the project built in the two other cities.

The most recent iteration of the project-sited in Los Angeles's Exposition Park, across the street from the University of Southern California, George Lucas's alma mater-represented the third attempt to find a home for the itinerant museum-to-be. Or if not there, then his wife's hometown of Chicago.

Are you excited about the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art finally being built?

Lucas said he hopes the museum will serve as inspiration to people of all ages, but especially to children, encouraging them to create a better world.

The proposed 300,000-square-foot complex will rise five stories-roughly 115 feet-and contain a movie theater, lecture hall, library, restaurant, and digital classroom spaces, all in addition to its galleries.

Museum president Don Bacigalupi said that the exhibits in the museum will include storyboards, costumes, and props from classic films such as Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz.

"The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will add another world-class institution to our city's cultural landscape, and bring a breathtaking architectural jewel to Exposition Park", said Garcetti in a statement. The museum will sit along Vermont Avenue, between Martin Luther King Jr. Parking will be underground and include about 2,400 spaces.

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