Arkansas' Ten Commandments Monument Stood for Only a Day

Ten Commandments monument installed at Arkansas Capitol

The driver is identified in an arrest report as Michael Tate Reed of Van Buren, Arkansas. Reed is charged with criminal trespass, first-degree criminal mischief and defacing objects of public interest. The Associated Press said Wednesday it could not confirm if the two Michael T. Reeds are the same man, or if people named Michael T. Reed who hail from Arkansas just have a higher-than-normal aggression level toward Ten Commandments monuments.

Republican state Sen. Jason Rapert, who spearheaded the effort to install the Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol, says he wants to replace it, Michael Hibblen of member station KUAR reports.

Reed also posted a video stating that while he believes that men should "obey the commands of God", he is a proponent of the "separation of church and state" and feels that "t$3 here's no one religion government should support".

Chris Powell, a spokesman with the Secretary of State's Office, said he was called early Tuesday and told a man drove a vehicle through the monument.

Arkansas officials didn't immediately say what they plan to do with the broken monument.

A law in 2015 mandated that the state allow the monument to be displayed near the Capitol. The argument's central themes were whether or not the Ten Commandments monument constituted religious supremacy and challenged the separation of church and state, or if the destruction of the monument was an attack on Christianity as a belief system.

Ten Commandments monument installed at Arkansas Capitol

The Ten Commandments Monument Display Act cites a 2005 Supreme Court decision from Texas that Ten Commandments monuments on state grounds were not a violation of the First Amendment.

He apologized the following year and said he suffered mental health issues.

The ACLU of Arkansas says it will sue to remove the monument from the Capitol grounds. It appears to contain a video of a vehicle smashing into the Ten Commandmemts monument. On Wednesday, June 28, 2017, Reed was arrested for driving into and smashing the monument.

The American Civil Liberties Union said Tuesday that it planned to file a federal lawsuit challenging the monument, calling it an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

Little Rock, Ark., is the latest front in the ongoing battle over Ten Commandments monuments on government property. But it was replaced and stood on the capitol grounds until the state Supreme Court ruled it had to be removed, according to The Washington Post's Abby Phillip.

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