Wife of James Hodgkinson: 'I was shocked'

E.J. Dionne

Scalise is sedated, but the husband and father of two has been able to respond to his doctors and family. But the fact he targeted Republican members of Congress suggests strongly that he was upset with them - and that he believed killing some of them was an appropriate reaction to his displeasure. The GOP leader was "as critical as you can be" when he arrived at the hospital, Sava said.

"The congressman's status remains critical", Dr. Jack Sava, the director of trauma at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center, told reporters. Hundreds of bullet fragments remain in his body. A congressional staffer was shot in the leg but was released from a hospital.

The shooter, 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson, was killed by U.S. Capitol Police officers, who were at the ball field at the time of the shooting.

Trump visited the Louisiana congressman at the hospital Wednesday night, and Vice President Mike Pence paid a visit Thursday morning.

The president said that because of the "tremendous pain and suffering he's now enduring. our country will perhaps become closer, more unified".

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who was present at the shooting, commended the Capitol Police for their protection and quick response.

Scalise has undergone multiple surgeries and will need more.

Thursday afternoon Hodgkinson's wife of thirty years said her husband sold nearly everything and left for Washington to work with people to help change the tax brackets.

I've hesitated to draw conclusions until we hear more from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but between Hodgkinson's social media accounts and this outburst the day before the shooting it really seems as if political rage was the one constant.

While top lawmakers, including Scalise, have security details, others do not and they regularly appear in public without protection. The Bureau is now seeking more information about the attacker.

The suspect in the shooting at the congressional baseball practice earlier this week had a list including the names of some members of Congress on him, CBS News has confirmed.

"As far as winning and losing, I think that's far from anybody's mind right now", he said.

Suzanne Hodgkinson, who spoke to the press at her home Thursday afternoon, said she had "no idea" her husband was going to shoot at people during a practice for a congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia.

Scalise was an enthusiastic participant in the ballgame - in 2015 he posted pictures from the many times he played in the competition against the Democrats' team.

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