Trump lawyer says President isn't under investigation, despite tweets

Amid reports Donald Trump is unhappy with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's closeness with fired FBI Director James Comey, the top ethics lawyer from ex-President George W. Bush's administration said Saturday Vice President Mike Pence will "soon become" the next USA president.

One of Donald Trump s lawyers insisted Sunday that the president was not under criminal investigation as part of the sweeping probe into Russian Federation s alleged meddling in American elections, despite the United States leader s tweets angrily calling the whole saga a "distraction".

When Wallace said Sekulow did not appear to know whether Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice, Sekulow sarcastically suggested that he had not been informed that special prosecutor Robert Mueller was investigating the president.

After a series of Twitter posts Thursday assailing reports that a special counsel is investigating obstruction of justice allegations against him, Trump took to Twitter again Friday.

Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey in May after Rosenstein authored a memo advising him to do so.

Sekulow, however, emphasized that Trump was referring to the "fake" story in The Washington Post and denied that the tweet was an admission by the President that is being investigated.

The special counsel is looking for evidence to support claims that Trump's associates illegally colluded with Moscow during the president's victorious run for the White House previous year.

The lawyer, Jay Sekulow, contended the tweet was not a confirmation of the investigation, but instead a response to a report in The Washington Post.

A Justice official said Rosenstein was motivated in part because of frustration that recent news stories have unfairly brought on a torrent of "leak" accusations against the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Mueller's team.

The president also tweeted about a poll that gives him a 50% approval rating, adding that it is higher than his predecessor Barack Obama's. "The president is not a subject or target of an investigation".

President Donald Trump continued a campaign on Twitter on Friday against the investigations into possible links between his campaign and Russian Federation.

"Nothing has changed since Comey said the president is not a target", Sekulow also said Sunday.

I think he's furious.

The White House initially said the memo was critical to the decision, but Mr Trump later later said it was irrelevant, because he'd made up his mind beforehand.

Representative Adam Schiff has said Trump and his legal team seem determined to "take down" Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

But Sekulow says the legal team has "received no notice of investigation".

Rosenstein is in charge of hiring and firing because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian Federation probe.

Sekulow blamed the confusion over Twitter's 140-character limit.

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives to deliver a speech on US-Cuba relations at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami, Florida, on June 16, 2017.

The Democratic National Committee called on Rosenstein to recuse himself from the Russian Federation matter, but it said authority over the investigation should be given to Mueller and not another Trump appointee. "As a historian, I just don't believe it".

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