Theresa May sidesteps questions about response to Grenfell Tower disaster

Further expenses’ will be covered for Grenfell Tower victims Government vows

Theresa May has sidestepped questions over her response to the Grenfell Tower disaster, after facing criticism of her reaction to the tragedy.

The man who heckled a Tory minister over the Prime Minister's lack of action at the Grenfell Tower says that, despite Theresa May's admission that more should have been done to help victims, nothing has changed.

At Downing Street on Saturday afternoon, the Prime Minister met 16 people, including victims, residents, community leaders and volunteers, following the devastating blaze at the west London tower block.

"No one is going to bring them back but this could have been solved a long, long time ago".

Later on Friday, she had visited victims of the fire who are being treated at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Nadir said: "I'm angry at the state of the tower". I have a right to be angry. The whole sense in the House of Commons is absolute horror and shock.

"It's frustrating, I mean, we're talking about people's lives here".

Sky News understands that around 70 people are missing, feared dead.

"What we need to do is to get a grip of this and make sure we are meeting their immediate needs as well as their ongoing needs and that is really the priority for Government".

"She wanted an entirely controlled situation in which she didn't use her humanity", he told BBC's This Week.

"The first person who spoke was a survivor from the 19th floor and - not quite my caricature of the Prime Minister - but to see her welling up, the response in the meeting, and to see her holding the hand of a sobbing lady next to her in the meeting was quite shocking I think to most of us there".

"That's why I'm positive about it, because I think in the past local residents here have not always been listened to".

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was also targeted by disgruntled West Londoners during his visit to the site of the tragedy on Friday.

"[Local residents] feel the government and local council haven't done enough to help them in the aftermath of this horrific incident, or to provide answers to their increasingly urgent questions", Khan wrote in a letter to May.

"Obviously one imagines there will be further expenses of various kinds, that of course we will meet", he said.

Earlier, former Conservative cabinet minister Michael Portillo said her meeting with the emergency services was "a good thing" but that she "should have been there with the residents".

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