Pokemon GO's Gyms Are Undergoing a Colossal Facelift

Pokemon Go Will Receive New Multiplayer Features, Gym Closed For Remodeling

Pokemon Go Solstice Celebration is nearly on the verge of getting over, and we got an update from the official support site for the time being Gyms has been closed for remodeling.

There will also be 6 permanent slots for gyms (although it's not clear if this changes as the Gym levels up), and rather than battling the controlling Pokemon in order of CP, you'll now battle them in the order that they joined the gym.

The game came out a year ago and it available now to download for Android and iOS.

The Prestige system of Gyms has been scrapped, with all Gyms allowing a maximum of six defenders going forward, and you'll also earn bronze, silver, and gold badges at each Gym you fight at.

Meanwhile, it is still uncertain as to when will the "Pokemon GO" gym closures would take place. This will help ensure that even the strongest Pokemon can be defeated over time. The update will also introduce the motivation mechanic: the longer a Pokemon defends a gym, the more its motivation will decrease, and the more a Pokemon's motivation decreases, the lower its CP will drop. These passes can be either bought in the cash shop or found at a local Pokemon Gym, but trainers can only hold one pass at a time, which means if you lose the battle, you need a new pass. If a Pokemon loses all of it's motivation then it will return to the trainer. Before you get too excited, no, player-vs-player battles aren't among them. Level up your badges by battling, giving berries and spinning the photo disc. Players will also be given some special rewards for leveling up their badges. The implementation of these features will require Gyms to be shut down for a little while, so if you happen across an open Gym, you likely have the new Gym features. Of course, trainers can't just fight raid bosses whenever they feel like it: gamers can only fight raid bosses if they use a Raid Pass.

The tickets for the first live event, the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago's Grant Park, sold out within minutes of them going on sale, so if you didn't get them on the first crack, you'll have to wait for other events, which are sure to come with real-world events of their own. Those that take part in raids frequently-and succeed more often than not-will be invited to enter exclusive Raids that "can" yield legendary Pokemon.

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