Panicked White House bans cameras from press briefings for a week straight

Senate judiciary probe may review obstruction of justice

White House Correspondent Jim Acosta went off on the Trump administration for withholding information from the American people by blacking out the White House daily briefing.

Acosta turned around to point at the White House and express his frustration with the White House communications team.

Baldwin asked Acosta why Spicer is not having conversations with President Trump, about important issues like climate change.

"The White House press secretary is getting to a point... where he's just kind of useless", Acosta said of Spicer.

He called the situation "bizarre", and said, "I don't know why everyone is going along tight this".

"There are days that I'll decide that the president's voice should be the one that speaks and iterate his priorities", Spicer added.

"It just feels like we are sort of slowly but surely being dragged into what is a new normal in this country, where the president of the United States is allowed to insulate himself from answering hard questions", Acosta said. This White House has cut back the number of briefings, virtually eliminated the presidential press conference, stopped releasing the White House visitor logs, and now they are forbidding recording of the press conferences. The administration has yet to name a replacement to take over his duties as press secretary, though they have indicated they are very fond of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, according to Fox News' John Roberts. Some networks, like CNN, MSNBC, and C-SPAN, have instead carried the audio of the briefings live.

"This isn't how we do things in this country but for whatever reason we're all going along with it". "It's not even like we're covering a White House anymore, with Kellyanne Conway and Omarosa in the briefing room off to the side of Sean, refusing to be on camera".

Now, for the second time in a row, the Trump press shop is holding a daily press briefing with the instruction "Off-Camera (not for broadcast or audio)".

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