North Korea claims test of new cruise missile to target warships

N Korea fires volley of cruise missiles into Japan Sea

The rocket, tested from a tracked mobile launcher, was a new weapon North Korea displayed for the first time in a military parade earlier this year, KCNA said.

It said leader Kim Jong Un observed the launches and that the missiles "accurately detected and hit" floating targets at sea after making "circular flights". Might is something that even a power-mad tyrant such as Kim Jong-un can understand.

"North Korea has been stepping up missile tests ... in order to project an image to the world that global sanctions can never bring it to its knees", Professor Yang Moo-Jin of the University of North Korean Studies told AFP.

Ongoing activity and a large number of people have been spotted at North Korea's nuclear test site, the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Facility, amid lingering concerns that the regime of leader Kim Jong-un could carry out its sixth nuclear test.

Trump has been pressing China to rein in North Korea, warning that all options, including a pre-emptive military strike, are on the table if Pyongyang persists with its nuclear and missile development.

"The great success of test-firing an intercontinental ballistic missile, which we are sure to achieve, will mark a historic watershed moment in the failure of the USA hostile policy against us", the editorial in the ruling Workers' Party's mouthpiece read.

North Korea's 10th test of missile technology this year comes after Kim told his air force to be ready to bomb US aircraft carriers that are gathering in the western Pacific, according to China's official Xinhua News Agency.

North Korea fired several suspected short-range anti-ship missiles off its east coast Thursday, South Korea's military said, in a continuation of defiant launches as it seeks to build a nuclear missile capable of reaching the continental United States.

The missiles flew about 125 miles, South Korea said, and fired from tracked launchers with forest camouflage.

Roh Jae-cheon, spokesman of Seoul's JCS, said North Korea with the latest launch would have meant to show off its widening arrange of missiles and also its "precision strike capabilities" on ships in response to the joint drills. Syring however assured United States lawmakers that America has the ability to defend itself against the North Korean threat.

Thursday's launch is the fourth missile test by North Korea since South Korean President Moon Jae-in took office on May 10 pledging to engage in dialogue with Pyongyang. North Korea promised that it would conduct weekly launches-a promise it has largely lived up to.

In 2014, South Korea said three unmanned drones from North Korea were found in border towns.

If this turns out to be accurate, this test will constitute Pyongyang's eighth missile trial in the past six months. The missiles were launched into the same general area that the carriers USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan sailed in just hours earlier.

On May 27, North Korea conducted a surface-to-air guided missile test, believed to be a KN-06.

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