LG launches G6+ with more storage and color options

LG launches G6+ with more storage and color options

Since the LG G6 has a wide-angle lens shooter, it covers a wide field of view and users could end up with a finger in the photo without realizing it, but Covered Lens aims to prevent such mishaps. LG sells different models of its flagship smartphone in different markets. The LG G6 32 GB is the other new variant of the LG G6 that was dubbed as the LG G6 Pro by the rumor mill.

The newly launched LG G6+ will be exclusively available only in South Korea.

First of all, to begin with, let's just say that the LG G6+ is more like the flawless LG G6 which all of us wanted. When the LG G6 launched, it was the world's first smartphone to support Dolby Vision. LG isn't stating yet where the G6+ will be accessible, notwithstanding. This makes things easier and more convenient, bringing the LG G6+ in line with other rival flagships. It will still offers the same 5.7-inch "Full Vision" display, 3,300mAh battery, and dual 13MP cameras on the rear.

The internal storage size of the device called LG G6+ (or Plus) is 128GB.

While LG doesn't specifically mention in which countries it will start offering the LG G6+, it's sensible to assume the phone will be made available in the US.

LG has two new colors for the G6: blue and gold, or in the company's marketing parlance "optical marine blue" and "optical terra gold". It will come with two additional color options, Terra Gold and Marine Blue, on top of its existing Mystic White. All the three variants of LG G6 will be benefitted by the software update. Rs. 57,000) and the LG G6 32GB is to be priced at 799,800 KRW (approx. Looks like the Korean firm finally thought things through when deciding to release an upgraded variant but the disappointing thing about this unveiling is that the company did not bother to switch to another chipset.

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