Chicago police officer rescued dog that fell into Lake Michigan

Officers Guzman and Farris rescued a dog from Lake Michigan

A vehicle crash on a busy Chicago street led to one police officer being called a hero on Tuesday, June 13.

According to ABC affiliate WLS in Chicago, police were responding to a four vehicle accident when one officer heard the sound of a splash and noticed a dog struggling to get back onto land. A Toyota Camry swerved in front of a GMC Terrain, which hit a Chevy Malibu, which hit a Dodge Durango.

Officer Juan Farris, one of the officers responding to the nearby crash, ran over, got down on the ground, and pulled the dog from the water.

When the dog approached the lake, it first lapped at the water, seemingly trying to grab a drink.

Amid the chaos, the dog got loose and made its way to Lake Michigan.

"I was looking at the bottom of the water to see how deep it was, just in case I had to get in", Farris said.

A helicopter reporting on the crash spotted the dog near the lake and managed to capture the whole thing on video. Other officers came to help and Farris and another called animal control. But Farris and Guzman said they've since learned the dog's appearance was not connected to the crash. Police are trying to locate the owner.

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