Coast Guard rescues seven fishermen from drowning off Tannirbhavi

Coast Guard rescues seven fishermen from drowning off Tannirbhavi

A crew from the Coast Guard station in Garibaldi rescued the men, one of whom was suffering from hypothermia, an injured shoulder and possibly broken ribs.

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued a pair of distressed mariners from a sinking boat early Thursday morning off the OR coast.

The fishermen had sailed out of Old Port Mangalore at about 9 am today and were heading towards Malpe Harbour. After covering about 3-kms, while transiting off Tannirbhavi coast, the fishing boat started flooding due to heavy swell and high waves.

A Coast Guard Station Juneau crew picked the 32-year-old up.

The HQ immediately sent ICGS Rajdoot, an inshore patrol vessel (IPV), to the location. After arrival at the position at 10.49 am, ICGS Rajdoot assessed the situation and commenced the rescue of the fishermen from the distressed boat.

The rescue was performed by Coast Guard personnel from ICGS Rajdoot which was rushed to the aid of the fishermen, a Coast Guard release said. The station boat crew pulled alongside the sailing vessel and two Coast Guard members went aboard, secured the flooding and dewatered the vessel before placing in a side tow.

On completion of the rescue operation, the Commander of Coast Guard Karnataka, SS Dasila, said that time is a very important factor in a rescue operation.

Once on scene, the Sentinel crew placed the vessel in tow and rendered medical assistance to the man and transferred him to their boat after they reached calmer waters in Griffin Bay.

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