In Mideast, Trump pushes shared worries over Iran

Ivanka Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in veil meeting Pope Francis on Wednesday

A man, we are told, set off a home-made bomb in the foyer of the Manchester Arena killing at least 22 people - among them an eight-year-old girl - and injuring 60. As he noted repeatedly, both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas pledged to work with him toward his "ultimate deal" - without mentioning preconditions.

There have been some self-inflicted wounds, most notably Trump's decision to field a journalist's question to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about concerns over the president's decision to share with Russian Federation some classified intelligence that had been obtained by Israel.

A longtime businessman, Mr Trump has cast Middle East peace as the "ultimate deal" and has tasked his son-in-law Jared Kushner and former real estate lawyer Jason Greenblatt with charting a course forward. They were all saying I did. "He did not weigh in Israeli settlements, the status of Jerusalem or even whether the US would continue to insist on a two-state solution giving the Palestinians sovereign territory".

Donald Trump on Monday was on the second stop of his first global tour, having arrived from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, aboard Air Force One, Efe news reported.

Trump and Netanyahu in particular lavished praise on each other during their multiple meetings.

Jen Psaki, who served as White House communications director for President Barack Obama, said every White House has to contend with the risks of letting events at home step on a trip's message.

Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip are reportedly livid with President Trump for including it in a list of terrorist organizations last Saturday in Riyadh. They all failed at bringing peace.

Melania Trump sans headscraf in Saudi Arabia
Melania Trump sans headscraf in Saudi Arabia

As Daniel pointed out, Trump came face-to-face with a major symbol of Israel's occupation during his journey to Bethlehem this morning "when his motorcade sped through a gap in the Israeli separation barrier that separates Israel from the West Bank".

Nor did Trump assume the role of an Islamic scholar or lecture his audience on his view of Islamic jurisprudence (i.e., the partnership with the United States "must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't"). The president was in Rome on Tuesday for a meeting with Pope Francis. On a visit to the Yad Vashem memorial, the president and first lady Melania Trump laid a wreath on a stone slab under which ashes from some of those killed in concentration camps are buried. "And a new detente with Russian Federation is the most important thing Trump has promised", Walsh stressed. I will call them, from now on, losers, because that's what they are: "losers". The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the Monday blast, which also left 59 people wounded, though a top American intelligence official said the claim could not be verified.

Speaking with CNN before Trump's speech, Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog also said he sensed a change in the region amid efforts by Trump and his team of negotiators to shake up the status quo in the peace process.

Trump's visit to Jerusalem has been laden with religious symbolism. The church was built to commemorate the location where most Christians believe Jesus was crucified and buried.

Mr. Trump was the first acting president to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem, treating it not as simply an historic museum piece but with an immediate reverence and sacredness.

Trump vowed not to refer to attackers as "monsters" any longer "because they would like that term". Despite Israeli annexation of Jerusalem, the worldwide community has roundly rejected claims of complete Israeli sovereignty over the city.

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