Donald Trump denied Melania's hand - again

Donald Trump denied Melania's hand - again

Following the ceremony, Trump can be seen in video reaching out to hold his wife's hand, but Melania appeared to flick his hand away as they kept walking.

There's a great deal of focus and speculation in the media over the relationship between President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

Donald Trump smooths over his tie and adjusts his coat after the rejection.

However, the world did notice when the couple left Tel Aviv to fly to Rome they appear to deliberately hold hands as they make their way across the windy tarmac, maybe making up for their rocky start. But after Mr Trump became the President, the First lady, instead of moving to the White House, has remained in NY, adding to speculation about their relationship.

The video comes a few days after another clip showing Melania's smile turning into a frown the moment Trump looked away from her went viral.

In recent weeks, Melania has reportedly been unsatisfied with the way her husband's communications team is handling said leaks. She gently nudged him to place his hand on his heart as the national anthem played during the White House Easter Egg Roll last month. "We have very much in common".

While the Netanyahus happily walked hand in hand along the red carpet, their guests did not.

"We have all this protocol, but we never know what to do", the prime minister said to Mr Trump.

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