President Trump Meets With Pope Francis At The Vatican

Pope Francis shakes hands with First Lady Melania Trump and asks if she feeds her husband a Slovenian treat

In the a year ago, the two men have swapped jibes and debated on subjects ranging from migration to unbridled capitalism, as well as the environment.

A Vatican source said they could not clear up the issue, but noted that Francis is a fan of potica, a kind of nut roll, and that he always asks about it when he meets someone from Slovenia. Details of the traditional gifts exchanged by Trump and Francis have not yet been revealed, the report said.

As Trump left he told his host, "thank you, I won't forget what you said".

Neither man, unquestionably two of the most famous in the world, repeated their prior criticism of the other.

As for the Trump-Francis relationship, during the presidential campaign the pope was sharply critical of the candidate Trump's pledge to build an impenetrable wall on the Mexican border and his declaration that the United States should turn away Muslim immigrants and refugees.

In response, Trump said, "For a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful".

Before the door of the wood-lined elevator closed, a Vatican protocol official was heard quipping to the president that it was not "like Trump Tower in New York".

The two leaders exchanged their views and covered the "promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and interreligious dialogue" and highlighted the need to protect Christian communities in the Middle East.

During the cordial discussions, satisfaction was expressed for the good existing bilateral relations between the Holy See and the United States of America, as well as the joint commitment in favour of life, and freedom of worship and conscience.

"It is my desire that you become an olive tree to construct peace", the Pope said. Trump thanked him and said, "we can use peace".

Pope Francis meeting President Barack Obama in March 2014.

Donald Trump is known as a climate change skeptic with a short attention span for reading, especially if the text isn't about him.

The Pope blessed a rosary for the first lady, traded jokes with the first daughter, Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner, and handed out tokens to the President's delegation.

"This is a gift for you". A piece of granite from the Martin Luther King. Jr. "I think you will enjoy them", Trump told the pope.

Francis gave Trump a medal featuring an olive branch. In what seems a rather pointed indicator, the Pope gave Trump bound copies of two of his encyclical letters. The president responded by telling Pope Francis that "we can use peace".

Donald Trump has met the Pope at the Vatican on the latest leg of his first foreign trip as US President.

Wednesday's meeting nevertheless provided a reminder of their differences in style, Trump arriving at the Vatican in a jumbo-sized SUV that couldn't have been further removed from the modest Fiats and Fords Francis prefers.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Trump and the pope talked extensively about extreme terrorist threats and extremism, and the radicalization of young people. He backs the scientific consensus that climate change is caused primarily by human activity.

Mrs. Trump smiled and chatted with Francis after the two warmly shook hands. "It's their first meeting, and I think they will both try hard to find some common ground".

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