With 4 projects at Cannes, Kidman is open to 'bold' material

"I'm at that place in my life where I'm trying to pretend I'm 21 and starting my career", Kidman, who turns 50 next month, told reporters on Monday. But then all of the social interactions in The Killing of a Sacred Deer are such, with colleagues, friends and even family members addressing one another in stilted, formal, nearly monotone sentences, their precious words punctuated by hesitations to give Christopher Walken. well, pause. I don't have to work. "I have always had that slightly rebel spirit where I have gone: 'I don't want to conform, I want to find a way not to.' And that's just who I am".

Kidman said while she doesn't have to work, she does so because of her passion for cinema.

Recently, Kidman made a small-screen splash with a dramatic starring role on the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies-a departure for her, she explained to press at Cannes. "It is still the way in which I express myself", the actress said. "You really have to be able to give yourself over to the process, and be willing to be changed and be molded".

Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, known for his extreme and freaky style, the film follows an intense relationship between a teenage boy and a heart surgeon (Colin Farrell), which spirals out of control and drags Farrell's wife (Kidman), teenage daughter and young son into an impenetrable game of Russian roulette.

Asked about her own small children's moviegoing habits, Kidman immediately clarified, "This film my children will not be seeing".

The star has plenty of support from her family too, especially husband Keith Urban, with whom she has daughters Sunday Rose, eight, and Faith Margaret, six. "I did Paddington", she said, referencing the 2014 family comedy. Occasionally, I'll do something for them where they can come on set. I'm particularly pleased to see Barry Keoghan breakthrough as a major global star to watch and I would like to congratulate Ireland's Element Pictures, undisputedly now one of the world's leading production companies, on their return to Competition in Cannes in the space of two years, following the 2015 success of The Lobster and an Oscar nomination for Room in between. "And I love that".

"That's sort of a confluence of events", said Kidman said of her extensive Cannes lineup.

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