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Should Jinder Mahal win the WWE championship

Mahal has largely been a lower midcarder his entire WWE career, working only as a legitimate heel threat since returning to WWE in September of past year. What role, if any, will The Singh Brothers play in the title match? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Harper may have been on the receiving end of many a blow last night, but he kept getting back up and did so just in time to deliver a scintillating superkick and discus clothesline that nearly disconnected Rowan's head from his body. Either way, this is one of that matches that can't be skipped. With WWE aggressively planning to expand into India, making Jinder champion would ideally seem like the best idea. Styles got a powerbomb on the United States champion but while going for the Phenomenal Forearm, his right leg gave away and Owens hit a DDT. AJ Styles got to have his hand raised in victory, and the birth of AJ Styles the main eventer in WWE became a reality on this night.

"I told Vince, 'Hey Vince, my goal is to come back every week and improve", Mahal said. I am proud that I am representing you. As it's the pre-show slot, it won't be a squash this time. His uncle - Gama Singh - was a celebrated wrestler in the 1980s and he was also a part of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) at the time. A very average match, though, the man in the crowd who was distraught when Lynch tapped was quite amusing. This shouldn't be the end of this, and that's a great thing for WWE fans.

What makes it even better is that I can see it going either way. Corbin looked good in the match, dominating large portions, but Sami was able to catch him with a Helluva kick at the end for the pin.

Make no mistake, there is a little laziness here - Vince McMahon and WWE have always loved the traditional anti-American heel character over the years and the list of stars to fit that bill is plentiful - The Iron Sheik, Sargent Slaughter, Ludvig Borga, Bret Hart, Muhammed Hassan and Rusev are just a few to have trodden that path in recent years to varying degrees of success, and while you'd be right to think WWE is recycling an old trick to some extent, you'd also have to accept that it's still working. As WrestleZone wrote last month, WWE is looking at the Indian market as a key to its global growth as a company, and that's the reason why it has made the surprising decision to transform Jinder into a main event talent, likewise giving him two "lackeys" in the form of former NXT talents The Bollywood Boyz, who have been renamed The Singh Brothers.

The Great Khali had won the now-defunct World Heavyweight Championship in 2007. The crowd was absolutely electric for this match, and I am nearly certain the crowd would have rioted if Benoit had lost. His character is exhausted, but he can still go in the ring when motivated, and this has the potential to be a great match. The question was how well they could do when you add Chris Benoit in the mix. This match was of such quality it could have been remembered no matter what event it was placed on.

Jinder Mahal, a Canadian-born wrestler of Indian descent, became WWE's SmackDown champion Sunday night after defeating Randy Orton during WWE's Backlash show.

So what are your favourite matches and moments from Backlash?

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