Teen sex slave escapes Sydney house

The pair had been talking and sharing explicit images on Snapchat since October 2016. Source Getty

A 16-year-old Aussie girl who disappeared from Sydney's north shore in April has been found living with a convicted killer in the USA, after he allegedly spent months grooming her on social media.

The teenager was dropped at the centre by a good Samaritan, believed to be named Nicole, who saw the girl running down a street and picked her up in her auto.

The officers had gone to the house Price shares with his mother after receiving a tip-off from Australian police that the teenage girl had boarded a plane from Sydney to Los Angeles on April 11, court documents say.

Investigators were told the 17-year-old girl met a man in her home country, Guinea, who offered her a job in Australia to work as his cleaner.

She was allegedly taken to a house and sexually assaulted by "a number of men" until her escape on 27 April.

After consultation with the University of Technology Sydney's anti-slavery unit the teen was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for treatment.

Nicole drove the victim to an inner west asylum seeker centre three weeks ago, police need her to come forward so they can narrow down where the she was held.

She told staff she had been dropped off by a woman who found her after she had escaped from a house, where she had been held captive and regularly sexually assaulted.

Police have appealed to the public for information to identify the "Good Samaritan" who assisted the girl who was "in fear for her life".

She remains in the care of Family and Community Services.

On Thursday 27 April, the girl escaped in the early hours of the morning and ran until she was picked up by the mystery woman and driven to the centre.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and NSW Police Force (NSWPF) are now investigating the circumstances which surround the girl's arrival to Australia and the reported incidents since that time, including sexual assaults.

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